Sales Incentive Programs

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The sales force is an important component of an organization's promotional capabilities. In sales, people account for roughly 12% of the fulltime work force in the United States and firms spend over a trillion dollars annually on sales force expenditures, more than they spend on any type of promotional method. Given the high cost and importance of the personal selling function, it's important to make your incentive trip something every team member will remember.

With so much to gain with incentive programs, let our team create the ultimate incentive trip for your organization. We're experts in creating incredible and memorable experiences that meet both your financial and strategic goals, wine experiences in Napa? Taking a beautiful tropical get-away in the Caribbean or Mexico? Alaskan Cruises? What can we dream up for your team? All of AMI's incentive trips are personalized, so contact us today to put one together for you!

Incentive and Award Trips

Here are just a few of the benefits of a solid reward program. Incentive programs have been shown to:

  • Increase sales dramatically, nearly double in some cases
  • Increase internal productivity by 25%
  • Motivate sales force, employees and boost revenue growth
  • Improve employee retention and drive positive behaviors
  • Recognize and reward outstanding employee performance
  • Measure performance improvement
  • Meet and exceed sales goals

Everyone knows a key way to motivate employees and sales staff is by creating incentive programs for your company that work. We start out with your corporate goals in mind, and develop a rewards trip to blow your team away! Let AMI build the perfect incentive experience for you and your organization

Here are 8 Quick Tips on how to develop the perfect incentive trip:

  1. What is the main driver you want to engage through the incentive trip? - Is it sales goal, overall performance or new accounts? Make sure you have all of the criteria in place before announcing your trip.
  2. What is the timeframe of the program? Built backwards from there. - Think about your sales cycle, weather at the destination, religious holidays and team preference.
  3. Choose a location that will WOW! - Find a location that is unique and different. If you can think of it than we can put it together. Send your team hiking up a volcano, enjoying the slopes in Aspen or relaxing on a cruise. Let your imagination run wild!
  4. Determine if you want the winners to go together or separate? - Some organizations let the winners decide when to go. We set up the package and manage the travel and logistics. This is a great option when you don't want your top performers out of the field at the same time or your would more of a personal touch.
  5. Choose what activities you will include in the incentive trip - Determining activities both group and individual can make or break an awards trip. Choose a wise range of options for all types of attendees, both active and non-active. If you have a choice to offer a menu of options…even better. Just remember, activities is what the attendees will remember most of all.
  6. Will you have an awards program while on the trip? - Some organizations choose to have an awards cocktail party or dinner to kick-off or wrap up the program. Just remember to keep it nice, fun and festive so it offers a positive spin on the trip.
  7. Will the attendees bring a guest? - This is one of the most important questions to be asked. Having the budget to bring a significant other, family member or spouse, is a major component. While most trips include a significant other, some companies use the incentive trip as a team building and bonding experience among piers and can be just as effective.
  8. Think "Loyalty" when building out your awards trip. - Incentive trips can be a major expense, so they need to be done right and most importantly, the attendee needs to leave with the impression that their company is rewarding them and values their success. It is not a time to cut corners or be cheap. Awards trips can be incredible motivators but a bad incentive trip can create animosity in the ranks.


"WOW! What an incredible experience for my team. We had a trip of a lifetime. Every detail was thought out, and the extra special touches you provided, made the trip spectacular. Thank You!"

JR, Vice President of Sales
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