10 Quick Meeting Planning Tips For Your Next Program

January 18, 2012


Meetings matter.  Whether you are booking your next advisory board with your top physicians or an internal meeting for your co-workers, remember these 10 quick tips to have a successful program:

  1. Pick A Destination Where Your Attendees WANT To Go
  2. Ooh la la them!  Create a sense of anticipation
  3. Enhance Your Evening Gathering -Create a theme or provide a unique experience.
  4. Golf, Ski, Spa, Beach...-Build a little free time in the schedule
  5. Save Time and Headaches for Everyone!-Use technology to your advantage and provide registration through event software
  6. Prevent Ducking Out at Important Times- Don't plan every meal. Let your attendees have some private time. It will save you money too!
  7. Who What, When, Where, How-Give attendees easy to read information
  8. Be Prepared- Do you need audio visual equipment, catering, permits, signs…
  9.  Everyone Has a Different  Idea of FUN!-Offer a variety of activities. 
  10. Meet or Beat Budgets!-Negotiate with suppliers, services, and venues


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